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Custom Designed Artwork To Suite Your Needs




Jessica creates highly detailed illustrations with complex compositions. She has a unique way of using line, varying her thin and thick lines. Parred wither her captivating use of color. These are traditional illustrations created using alcohol markers.




Graphite is a medium that allows for high contrast with beautiful shading all in grayscale. Jessica creates beautiful grayscale drawings out of pencil. That are perfect for portraits, pet portraits, grayscale illustrations and more. 




Jessica is versed in both raster based digital illustration and vector based digital illustration. She works in the Adobe Creative Suite utilizing Photoshop for her raster work and Illustrator for her vector work. Both digital options are available for commission.

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Commission Disclaimer

Commission Disclaimer

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When considering a commission, keep in mind that commissions take time to make. The more complex and the larger the commission is, the longer the piece will take. Due to the demands in Jessica's schedule between running classes, vending at shows, preparing for gallery shows, running her business and being a caretaker she likes to make her clients aware that commissions can take up to 12 weeks to complete. If you are considering a commission for a present, for an event, or for something with a time sensitive deadline... submit your commission request as early as possible to ensure the timely completion of the requested piece. Any commission with a deadline of less than 3 weeks has a $100 rush fee attached to it. The rush fee will move the requested commission up in her que to ensure it is completed on time. You can always check the progress of your commission and see it's status/ place in the que on the Commission Updates Page. 

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Abstract Background_edited_edited.jpg

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