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Inkblot Monsters

Drop Ins, Workshops, Live Streams, Commissions and Speeches

Inkblot Monster Options

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Drop In

Create Your Own 

Inkblot Monster

$10 per Monster

Drop in and claim a seat anywhere between 12 and 5 PM on Saturdays at Inkspitter Studio to create your very own Inkblot Monster.

Sit at the Creation Station and you will have 15 minutes to spray the ink and doodle your monster.

All the while you will be guided by Jessica or one of her Assistants. 

Ages 5 all the way to Adults can sit and make a monster.

It's good for friends or siblings to do together... or a parent and child. 


Schedule An

Inkblot Monster


Starting at $250

For 1.5 Hour Workshop.

Perfect for family events/ get togethers, parties, couples night, girls night... 


Includes up t 10 participants.

$15/ each additional participant.


Materials provided.

Workshops available to be booked on Saturdays depending upon the artists availability. 


Workshop is held in person at Inkspitter Studio.


The artist can travel for an additional cost.


If needed for an additional cost, provide tables and chairs for up to 10 participants. 


1000 Inkblot Monster Challenge

& Live Streams

Support The Project!

Jessica has a personal goal of creating 1000 unique Inkblot Monsters. With every 100 Inkblot Monsters she intends to publish a book as an installment in the series. 

Her progress can be followed on her social media platforms. And, occasionally she will live stream on Twitch a live Inkblot Monster creation. 

You can support this project by becoming a patron on Patreon. Where you will see regular updates, be credited in videos and time lapses, receive early access and Inkblot Monster merchandise. 

The Inkblot Monster Communty

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Psychology of Inkblot Monsters Speech

You Can Also Book A Psychology of Inkblots Speech In Person or Online

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Commission an Inkblot Monster

Commission your very own Inkblot Monster!