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Private Art Lessons

Personalized 1 on 1 Art Lessons to Work on Your Specific Interests

If you are interested in private lessons, please fill out the form below.
In the comments ask to be put on the waitlist.
In the mean time check out our many options for group lessons, workshops and clubs. 

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What You Need to Know if you are Considering Private Art Lessons

What You Need to Know if you are Considering Private Art Lessons

Painting Equipments


Art Elements and Principals

Illustration Fundamentals

Human Anatomy

Animal Anatomy

Lighting and Shading

Color Theory

Character Design

Creature Design


Backgrounds/ Scenery 

Story Development

Comic Planning

And More

Private Lessons are $200 a month for an hour a week which breaks down to 4 hours a month. 

There are options for longer private lessons at 90 minutes and 2 hours a session. If the instructors schedule permits. 

Oil Painting on Canvas


Art Supply Store


Private Lesson times are offered when the instructor has an opening in her schedule. She has availabilities in the early afternoon, afternoon and evenings. Lessons occur during the week days and not on the weekends. If all of her time slots are filled you can request to be put on a waiting list for private lessons. If private lessons are unavailable due to all of the instructors time slots being filled there are other options such as group classes, workshops, events and club meet ups. 

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Common Questions

What You Need to Know About Private Lessons

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Are Private Lessons Right For Me?

Are Private Lessons Right For Me?

Private Lessons work really well if you are looking to improve on specific skills and reach specific goals. Group lessons are always adjusted to the skill level of the overall group. This is something the teacher does to make the class function and make sure no one is left behind. This also means the instructor has to divide their attention. Plus they tend to only go so far with the topic being taught. If you want one on one attention, to bring your work to a more advanced level, build a portfolio, and/ or expand upon a topic taught in group classes... then private lessons are right for you. 

What Can I Learn By Taking Private Lessons? 

What Can I Learn By Taking Private Lessons? 

Jessica has had numerous private lesson students over the years. She keeps her private lessons very fluid so she adjusts what she teaches to the skill level of her students and to what suits their interests. Feeling its best for the students long term attention and engagement. No matter the direction of the specific students lessons, she teaches the art elements and principals. Many of her private lesson students have come to her wanting to get better at human anatomy, character design, backgrounds, shading, color... learning how to use specific materials such as alcohol markers, colored pencils, watercolor, digital tools and even clay. Some of her students came to her specifically to develop a portfolio for art school. Others have wanted to focus on specific projects for their business or consultation. And many have taken private lessons working on developing a story for a comic. Primarily Jessica teaches illustration concepts to her students. Such as composition, anatomy, color theory, creating a narrative in your illustrations and more. She has only taught private lessons in sculpture. 

How Do Private Lessons Work?

How Do Private Lessons Work?

Private lessons are 1 hour scheduled once per week. Which equals out to 4 hours per month. Scheduled at a time Jessica has available on her schedule. All private lesson students are required to bring their own materials. And the parent/ guardian or the student if they are an adult are required to sign agreement paperwork stating private lesson terms and conditions. 

Inquire About Private Lessons

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

If the private lesson inquiry is for yourself place your name again the child full name box.  

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